Quality gives

Our vineyards

Quality wine begins with quality grapes. Innovative technology and the winemaker’s craftsmanship are important but are no substitute to fine ingredients, that is why we put a lot of care in growing our grapes at our Ella valley vineyards.
We are guided by the french notion of ‘Terroir’, meaning the overall conditions that affect the grape’s quality, in everything we do during the growing process - from the vineyard’s geographical location and sea level altitude, to soil structure, slope and exposure to sun.
The choice of Ella valley is no coincidence. On top of the gorgeous scenery, the region that is referred to as the ‘Israeli toscane’ is recognized as a source of quality vines for thousands of years and archaeological findings testify to an ancient winemaking tradition in the region.
Today we grow vines of various successful types - Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet franc that is likely to distinguish the regions crops from the rest of the country.

Our way

Take three painters with the same canvas, paints and scenery. What are the odds they produce three identical paintings?
We are frequently asked what is the winemaker’s role in the final product, which part of it is his personal saying? we know that even with the same blend of grapes and land, each wine has its own character. The secret is in perception and there lies the answer.
It is not just the choice of certain wooden barrels or a special blend, it’s the character we strive to give the wine. Wine is our painting and winemaking is our art - each wine with its character, each creation says different things. There is great beauty in wine and we strive to pass it to you with each sip.